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CV. SINAR SURYA ABADI  Jul. 10, 2014 16:03:57

We are factory who produces PP WOVEN BAG and Laminating PP WOVEN BAG for rice, salt flour, etc., WARING, TERPAL, MULSA, ORCHID NET ( PARANET) and FISH NET with Original material. We also can print....

[Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
SHUNDA PLAFON PVC  Jul. 8, 2014 19:07:11

PVC ceiling " Shunda" is a kind of ceiling is made of PVC material that is lightweight and has many advantages including waterproof, anti-termite and do not propagate flame ( flame retardant) and....

[Jakarta Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia]
Sumber Berkat Abadi  Jul. 7, 2014 14:41:11


[Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
skybis  Jul. 6, 2014 13:42:13

1. advertising agency and promotion for tv commercial, print ads, radio commercial, logos and video profile 2. Helping minimum capital USD 10.000.000 for business such as mining and energy, ....

[Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
SPIRAL KAWAT.COM  Jul. 6, 2014 4:28:36

SPIRAL WIRE SPOOL / ROLL WIRE OBINDING For wire binding machine supplies manufacture calendar or agenda book etc.. WIRE TO WIRE SUPPLIES binding machine - Pitch Type 3: 1 by size: Spool ( Roll) ....

[Jakarta pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
SINAR ELEKTRINDO  Jul. 6, 2014 3:23:15

Our company have supply for Factory Automation ( PLC & inverter) Material Handling Equipment ( Flat cable, Pendant cable, etc) , & Induction Motor ( MITSUBISHI) , Electrical component ( contactor....

[Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
SA-CONSULTINDO  Jul. 4, 2014 6:34:27

A legal services office intellectual property consultants based in Jakarta, provides legal services in particular in the fields of patents, copyright and trademark rights as well as industrial design....

[Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia]
PT Sertifikasi Indonesia  Jul. 2, 2014 13:46:42

Welcome to SI Certification services, is an independent certification body. We provide professional and cost effective certification services of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and other well-known....

[Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia]
PT. SEMPURNA MITRA JAYA  Jul. 1, 2014 23:24:27

PT. Sempurna Mitra Jaya was established in 2007 with the prime goals to supply the requirement needs of major industries, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and palm oil mills. We do supply range of....

[Jakarta-Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia]
PT.Solusi jaya  Jul. 1, 2014 9:32:59

pt solution jaya is a company engaged in the field of trading and contracting, engenering.

[jakarta timur, Jakarta, Indonesia]
PT. SAMIRASCHEM INDONESIA  Jul. 1, 2014 6:28:26

PT. Samiraschem Indonesia, was incorporated on 2009 located in Indonesia and our office is in Jakarta and has developed and focused on many kinds of raw material both of natural and synthetic and....

[Jakarta Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia]
Toko Sepatu Karyawan Px Style  Jun. 30, 2014 14:43:29

Px Style Shoes for industrial employee with many models you can choose

[Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
Setya Cipta Dimensi  Jun. 30, 2014 14:10:18

SETYA CIPTA DIMENSI Welcome To my Website Phone : + 62 21 9554 2306 Mobile Phone : + 62 812 1362 7560 Email : setyadimensi@ wesly....

[Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
SURYA ARTISTIK  Jun. 30, 2014 4:19:01

Welcome to the “ SURYA ARTISTIK” We are a company engaged in the field of interior decorative window film. Sell and serve the installation of window film to buildings, offices, hotels, apartments, ....

[Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
Mulia Medika  Jun. 28, 2014 17:07:12

We sell a circumcision " Smart Klamp" and " Alisklamp"   Without stitches, without bandages, minimal bleeding, can directly be wearing the pants and hit the water.   Smartklamp size is 10, 13, 16, ....

[Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia]
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